Pork Stomach

Cold Store

Goods arrive everyday fresh from the most important slaughterhouses of norther Italy and they are stored in our cold store.

Storage Cell-LABUNAT -Quistello Mantova

Plant Handling

Pork stomachs are processed with automated machines, whose parameters can vary according to customer need.

Stomach processing machines

High-tecnhonolgy machinery, ones of the most advanced in the industry; meticolous process, steel equipment and hygene are our strenghts.


The most advanced technologies available on the market inspect the goods for foreign bodies.


The human presence, our staff visual control, is the added value to provide a total security.


Our freezing plants, the use of the most advanced computer sysyem to guarantee a high-quality product.

We also have a second room with further plate freezers.


A further visual control is done during the packaging process. Deatils,absence of water, perfect colour for a product that has no equal in the market.

Storing and Shipping

The pallet is accurantly prepared and wrapped to protect the product. Pallets are stored in our cold stores with a temperature of -20°C and, then, shippend in refrigerated trucks.