La.Bu.Nat. Hog Natural Casing

Natural Casing

Natural casing stands for tradition, local products and authenticity. With our work, we combine these aspects with the newest technologies, offering to our Customers a product that aims to be an ally in the production of high-quality sausages.


Key ingredient of mortadellas, the pork stomach is accurantly processed in order to obtain a high-quality product suitable for the national and international markets.


Pork by-products are first processed in our production department, inside the most important slaughterhouses of northern Italy. The goods arrive daily to our main plant in Quistello where they are processed and packed in our automatic line, and then frozen and stored in the warehouses at a temperature of -20°C.


La.Bu.Nat. supplies pork by-products to the petfood producers.


We supply raw materials to pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.